Life is a changin’

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Hey, folks!

Once again, sorry for making you wait so long for an update. Things have been crazy these days. Two of my kitties have passed away this year, I’m expecting my first child next spring, and Dark Horse officially made the announcement for my WW2 Graphic Novel, NANJING: The Burning City. Check it out here.

Plus, I may have a major announcement concerning Tails soon. Life is a roller coaster these days, but in a good way. Stay fresh, folks!


I’m back… for the most part…

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Hey, folks! I realize it’s been over a month since I’ve uploaded a new page to this site, and some of you have been wondering, “What the F*CK is going on? I need more Tails!”

Well, here’s a quick rundown: First, I’ve picked up a new gig at Animation Domination Hi-Def (yes, the place that makes cartoons), which has sucked up most of my working time during the week. Second, I’ve signed with a publisher for my WW2 graphic novel, and there are deadlines for that as well (and said deadlines are close). Third, 2 of my kitties have been sick. So, with all that, I allowed the updates for Tails to slide, which I know is unfair to regular readers.

So, I’m back (for now), but I can’t promise that there won’t be anymore updating lapses. I’ll try my best to avoid them. Be sure to subscribe if you can.



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This week (and possibly into next week), I’ll be transferring the site from it’s current server to another one. Because of a couple of bumps in the road, I wasn’t able to procure a programmer ahead of time, and my current hosting service expires tomorrow. The site will probably go dead for a few days, but it’ll be back and running as soon as possible, along with regular updates. ┬áBecause is powered by comicpress with a lot of customizing, the transfer and updates has to be handled fairly delicately. Thanks for the patience, folks!

A PIGGY’S TALE #1 is out this week!

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Run to your local comic shop and get it right now! It’s the first issue in a 4-issue, bi-monthly mini-series. And it’s AWESOME, trust me. Don’t believe me? Read this review here.


Follow my new tumblr!

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Hey, folks! I’ll slowly be transitioning more of my blogging and random artsy digressions to my tumblr, POP MYTH. I’ll still be updating here, but since Tails is near its end (no worries, there’s still plenty more), I wanted another site for fans and readers to visit that’s not necessarily Tails-centric. So, if you’ve got a tumblr, or just want to bookmark it, head on over!