Hey, folks!  Crusader Cat buttons are now on sale for only a Buck and a Half.  Look how cool they are!  Order here.

Now, I know what some of you are thinking.  “Hey, how come I need to go to 2 separate stores to get all my ‘Tails’ loot?! Is this a scam?!”  Hardly.  When the books arrive (and to those who pre-ordered, I’m really sorry for the delay, it’s unfortunately out of my hands at this moment), you’ll be able to order ‘Tails: Book 1’ along with the other merchandise to avoid paying 2 separate shipping costs.  The trade-off is, ordering from my personal store means paying the full $15.99 cover price for the book.  Ordering the book through Amazon.com means you’ll receive their discount (cuz let’s face it, they’re Amazon and that’s what they do).

Speaking of ‘Tails: Book 1’, Amazon’s new targeted release date is July 10th, which is over-shooting it a bit. The book should be in stores, and in your hands, something around June-ish.  I want to apologize again to everyone who pre-ordered early and now has to wait and extra 1-2 months.   Unfortunately, thems the breaks in the comic publishing world.