Hey Folks!

Wow, it’s been a whirlwind of a week. NANJING: The Burning City was officially released in comic shops nationwide last Wednesday (with a book store release coming September 1st). So far, the response has been quite amazing. If you haven’t pre-ordered the book on Amazon yet, please feel free to visit your local comic shop and grab one! Either way, it helps my sales numbers.

I had the wonderful opportunity to write an essay over at Paste Magazine, detailing the origins of the book.

There was also this amazing review over at gosanangelo.com.

As for other news, all of the remaining Tails pages have been uploaded and scheduled for their Monday updates, with the last 4 pages set to be released back-to-back over 4 days. So, no more delays. But that also means the story is finally coming to its close. It’s bittersweet for me, how is it for you guys?

Also, for those who purchased and are following A Piggy’s Tale, issue #4 was sent off to the printers and will makes its debut at NYCC 2015! I’ll also be in attendance, participating in panels, selling/signing stuff. If you’ll be there, find me! (I’ll have more updates on my NYCC ’15 schedule coming soon)

Later, y’all!