There’s still time to pre-order Tails: Book One on, everyone.  Only $8.50 for 160 pages of pure awesomeness!  Ok, now that I’ve got that shameless bit of self-promotion out of the way, some news and notes:

– Haven’t gotten a chance to see the premiere of Walking Dead yet.  Truth be told, I was starting to get a bit let down towards the end of the last season (or half-season).  It’s still a phenomenally well-made show, but the method-y acting just got worse and worse with each episode.  Seriously, how many times can you take a deep breath, look sideways, and then jolt forward to deliver a line in dramatic fashion?  It reminded me of later seasons of LOST or BSG, where every character began resembling a caricature of themselves.  But that’s just me complaining as usual.  And speaking of Walking Dead

– How many of you have caught up with the current lawsuit between the original artist, Tony Moore, and Robert Kirkman?  It’s a bit disheartening to hear, because I always figured that The Walking Dead was one of those fairy tale success stories, where everyone walked off happily ever after.  Now money has torn a rift between childhood friends.  I even mentioned TWD last year in my blog, using that comic as a shining example of how collaborations in comics can work.

– I might be doing a signing in NYC at Forbidden Planet for Comeback Kings.  The second issue is due out later this month, along with a second printing of issue 1.  I know, I know, it came out VERY late, but this is what happens when distributors and publishers don’t get everything 100% organized.  I’ll keep you updated on all that.

Later, folks!