Heya, folks!

Haven’t written one of these in a while.  Hope everyone’s summer is winding down nicely. Here’s a quick rundown of everything Tails related:

– As all you readers might know, Tails: Book 1 is finally out in comic shops!  Hurray!  As for book stores, I think they should be available as well, although I’m not 100% certain.  The book came out last Wednesday, but Amazon won’t be making it available until September 4th.  Why?  I don’t know; I’m gonna guess it’s because the comic market and the book market operate with different distribution methods, whatever.  If you’re thinking about purchasing a copy, I implore you to either support your local comic shop or demand a copy at Barnes & Noble (especially since B&N returns all the copies they can’t sell).

Either way, I’ll also be setting up an online store soon.  Soon meaning sometime before the year ends, probably in the next month or so. I’ve just been so bombarded with promotion work combined with the regular workload these days.  I want to take one more opportunity here to thank everyone who pre-ordered the book on Amazon. I’m so sorry that you don’t get it for another week and a half.

– I’ll be doing about 4 conventions over the next 2-3 months.  Here’s the list, and I hope to see some of you there:

On September 29th, I’ll be attending Asbury Park ComicCon, for those of you located in NJ.

October 6th will be River Road Expo, hosted by my buddy, Jared Aiosa, in Nichols, NY (this one is FREE ADMISSION, by the way).  If you live somewhere in Upstate or Central NY, it’s worth the drive.

October 13th is APE in San Francisco, CA! This one is a pretty fucking big deal.  For those of you who don’t know, it’s one of the largest (if not THE largest) indie-focused comic conventions in the states.  My wife and I got accepted last week, so now it’s been all paperwork; sending checks and filling out tax forms.  Last thing we need to do is book my plane ticket.

October 27th is HeroBot Con in Elmira, NY.  Guest of Honor is Marc Silvestri of Wolverine and Cyber Force fame!  Once again, if you’re in Upstate or Central NY, or even in a neighboring town in PA, it is worth the drive!  There’ll be comics, art, and fun!

– I’ll hopefully have more reviews of Tails: Book One posting soon, as well as some interviews.

Later, y’all!