Hey all!  Hope everyone is enjoying their summer.  Just a few quick updates from my neck of the woods:

– Part of why I haven’t really updated the blog is because I haven’t really had any good news.  ‘Tails: Book 1’ is still delayed, and there’s a strong possibility that the book may not even be here until August.  Apparently, the printer in China received the print file early May and sat on it for 3 weeks before finally going to press.  No communication or whatever.  I wish I could just say ‘thems the breaks’ as usual, but this pisses me off royally.

At any rate, advance copies should be arriving this month, with the main shipment late July.  After that, the books are shipped to the appropriate warehouses for immediate distribution.  If there’s anything I learned from this experience, it’s to never, ever count on release dates.  Sigh, sorry.  I could sit here and apologize all night, but that would be redundant.  Just know that I, as the creator of ‘Tails’, am TRULY sorry to anyone and everyone who ordered the book early.

– My new house is starting to lose that new house smell.  I dunno, is that a good thing or a bad thing?  I’m feeling more comfortable here, now that the house has lost its initial allure. It’s no longer ‘the house I own’ just ‘the house I live in’.

– The missus and I just filled out applications for APE in October and the Brooklyn Comics Festival in November.  Fingers crossed on the books being here by then.  E-mail me or leave a comment if you know of a smaller convention in your area that you think would be good for me to attend.

– Watched ‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians’ last night because the wife wanted to watch a ‘dumb super-hero-esque’ movie.  Dumb doesn’t really begin to describe it…

Later, folks!