Hey, all!

It’s 2016 and things have been crazy here. I’m proud to say NANJING: The Burning City made seven Top 10 lists, which includes GQ, Paste Magazine, Den of Geeks, Sequential, Mental Floss, News OK, and ABS-CBN News. I also got an honorable mention over at Publisher’s Weekly, which is pretty huge! It’s been truly gratifying to see this book receive so much recognition, after pouring so much into it. Also, if you’ve purchased NANJING and you feel compelled, please consider giving it a review either on its Amazon page or its Goodreads page.

My little Elliott is now 10 months old and is picking himself up and crawling all over the place. Also, his first tooth is finally making an appearance, after months of waiting. Show me that tooth, little one!

As for my next book, I’ve completed 49 pages in full color, and the remaining 23 pages are penciled, ready to be inked.  I can’t wait to share it with everyone!

Hope everyone’s January is off to a good start as well. I’ll be back for more updates, some Tails related, some not. Be sure to follow me over at the usual spots.

Later, folks!!