Okay, have I got your attention, folks?  Tails: Book One is officially on sale at Amazon!  No more pre-order nonsense — buy it today and it’ll actually be shipped to you afterwards.  Amazing, isn’t it?  I wanna take this opportunity to thank everyone who pre-ordered the book.  I know I sound like a broken record, but pre-ordering the book meant that you were willing to show your support with your dollars, so I can’t thank you guys enough.  Speaking of which, pre-orders should be arriving any day now.

The second part of this rant is about reviews.  I want YOU, the readers, to go on Amazon and write a review for Tails: Book One. Even if it’s a mediocre review, I still want you to write it.  The more reviews, the better.  Don’t be timid.  Do it and get good karma =)